Residential Conveyancing

Buying and Selling Residential Property

11379601family house in suburb For many people, the acquisition and sale of real property can be the most important financial transactions that they engage in throughout their lives.

Although the Torrens Title system in Australia has made the transfer of real property a simpler process compared to Old System Title where detailed searches were necessary to prove good title to property, the transfer process can still be a pitfall for the unawary.

Whilst we do still use the long-standing 'paper-trail' method of property conveyancing when necessary, Southern Legal is one of the earliest adopters of the PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) electronic conveyancing system introduced into New South Wales in 2015 in which many of the conveyancing tasks are done electronically and where settlements can take place seamlessly on-line. For those selling property, our aim is to have a listing contract in the hands of your real estate agent within 3 hours of us receiving your instructions and having ordered and received the compulsory documents to be included in the contract. We then work closely with your agent once a purchaser is found to exchange contracts as soon as possible and settle the sale with the minimum of delay.  

The PEXA system, which is used by solicitors, property conveyancers and financial institutions, which may be entering or leaving the transaction as mortgagees, provides costs savings to clients as there is no need for any party to physically attend an exchange of contracts meeting or a final settlement.

Our professional fees for residential property conveyancing start from as low as $1100.00 (including GST) plus costs and disbursements for items such as search fees, and Local Council certificates. 

Most residential property is now either Torrens Title or Strata Title but if you intend buying a property that is still under Old System Title, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can provide an estimate of our professional fees for acting on the conveyance.

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